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16 September 2010 @ 04:46 pm
Post moved here :)
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30 August 2010 @ 02:51 pm
Hello all! In the search of a cross-platform solution I've recently switched all my twitter reading over to Echofon. The program for both Mac OS X and iDevices is working really well, unfortunately I was unable to successfully use the Firefox extension under Linux. Until now :)
All of the problems boil down on how naan studio compiled the Linux versions of the support library shipped with the extension, as you can see from this output:

$ ldd extensions/twitternotifier@naan.net/platform/Linux_x86-gcc3/components/nsTwitterFoxSign.so
ldd: warning: you do not have execution permission for `extensions/twitternotifier@naan.net/platform/Linux_x86-gcc3/components/nsTwitterFoxSign.so'
linux-gate.so.1 => (0xffffe000)
libmozalloc.so => not found
libxpcom.so => /usr/lib/seamonkey/libxpcom.so (0xb779d000)

there's a missing "libmozalloc.so". A quick search, will show that this library will be shipped with the upcoming Firefox 4.x versions.
The first solution is that of switching over to Firefox 4 beta: Echofon will work with no problem.
However, if you want to play the safe side and not risk any issues with your extensions, you can stay with your current 3.6.x version of Firefox: just download the beta and copy libmozalloc.so from the ./firefox/ folder over to /usr/lib/. This solution is not very clean, but it will work until Firefox 4 will be considered stable and production ready: at that point, just delete the library and install the new package.

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09 March 2010 @ 01:42 am
I think I will remember this 8th March for quite a long time: I made my name up to the Tor volunteers page, my talk "Surviving your phone: protecting mobile communications with Tor" has been accepted for BlackHat Europe 2010 and I was mentioned as a relevant source of information regarding Tor, anonymity and internet on the e-privacy mailing list by one of the greatest Italian hackers: https://lists.firenze.linux.it/pipermail/e-privacy/2010-March/004897.html
What does it mean? Well, that now I have to keep working on the MobileTor.app application I was thinking of, that I had to fulfill in time all the needed paperwork for BH-EU and that I've to keep up the research on Tor.

Today it was also the International Women Day, while me and my girlfriend don't usually care too much about it, I used this event as an excuse to open up a bottle of "Confine" a wonderful porter from BiDu brewery.
This day, however, is quite important to me for another reasons: if Oliver would still be alive, today it would be its birthday. Farewell my friend, we're missing you.
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Long time no write! I've been almost sucked up by that crazy twitter thingie to write any post here.
I'll break the silence to introduce you the restyling of my home page over at slackware.it. As you can see I gave it some css love as the old one was a spooky plain html white on black site :D
Well, it *STILL* is white on black but, at least, there's some color here and there.
While you're at it you can also take a look at the second tab: I've recently bought an iphone, jailbroken it since day one and I'm going to develop some Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PET) for it
"Why?" might you ask, well I found it very funny porting PET to a device which is not very privacy friendly.
Right now the repository serves a working port of the stable branch of Tor, the needed libevent library and the polipo proxy. All of them have been successfully tested from the phone command line and actually work quite good, expect more to come :)

So, what are you waiting for? Grab the repository installer and start bouncing your connections around the world (or run a Tor relay on your phone...)
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30 August 2009 @ 10:44 am
Hi all,
I've updated my GnuPG key because the previous one was getting too old.

New key:
pub 1024D/0B60BC5F 2009-08-29 Marco Bonetti (sid77) <marco.bonetti@slackware.it>
Primary key fingerprint: E357 A480 17E2 482D E599 703A 4D8B C9F6 0B60 BC5F

Revoked key:
pub 1024D/86A91047 2005-04-02 Marco Bonetti <marco.bonetti@slackware.it>
Primary key fingerprint: 90D9 1E9C 2840 2B63 CBF2 9B02 C8F2 B0F9 86A9 1047

The new key has been signed with the old one:

uid Marco Bonetti (sid77) <marco.bonetti@slackware.it>
sig!3 0B60BC5F 2009-08-30 [self-signature]
sig! 86A91047 2009-08-29 Marco Bonetti <marco.bonetti@slackware.it>
sig!3 0B60BC5F 2009-08-29 [self-signature]
uid Marco Bonetti (sid77) <marco.bonetti@gmail.com>
sig!3 0B60BC5F 2009-08-29 [self-signature]
sig! 86A91047 2009-08-29 Marco Bonetti <marco.bonetti@slackware.it>
uid Marco Bonetti (sid77) <sid77@slackware.it>
sig!3 0B60BC5F 2009-08-29 [self-signature]
sig! 86A91047 2009-08-29 Marco Bonetti <marco.bonetti@slackware.it>

so I hope everything will be fine :-)
You can get my new key at the following sites:
+ slackware.it: http://slackware.it/files/keys/sid77.asc
+ livejournal.com: http://www.livejournal.com/pubkey.bml?user=sid77
+ on the keyservers: http://pgp.mit.edu:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0x4D8BC9F60B60BC5F
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30 July 2009 @ 11:00 am
Looks like lj users can post from a jabber client, this is going to be interesting :)
06 April 2009 @ 05:48 pm
PDP updated the jeriko trunk with some of the fixes I wrote (the small bug squashes, mostly) and some new interesting features.
Time for an upgrade! Grab the sources and the patch here and there.
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06 March 2009 @ 05:55 pm
If you read GNUCITIZEN blog you should probably already known of PDP Jeriko framework: it's a shell script based framework to help with the automatic pen testing stuff.
It's a nice idea in an preliminar stage, I've written a patch against the current svn release (r31 at the time of writing) which adds some extra functionality like the ability to run OpenVAS instead of nessus or the ability to load your preferred Metasploit Framework db plugin. I've also fixed some glitches while I was at it and added a bigger jerikorc.

So, go grab a copy of both the project and my patch and give the framework a spin: it surely is something intersting to play with!
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03 March 2009 @ 02:26 pm

Via DNA - Mauro Biani, vignette, comics, satira

La notizia sta qui, intanto ci si dimentica degli altri eventi.
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Da RaiNews24: "Il Vaticano non recepira' piu' automaticamente, come fonte del proprio diritto, le leggi italiane; innanzitutto per il "loro numero esorbitante", in secondo luogo per "la loro instabilita"' e , infine, per il contrasto "con troppa frequenza evidente, di tali leggi con principi non rinunciabili da parte della Chiesa".

Lo spiega l'Osservatore Romano, presentando la nuova legge della Santa Sede sulle fonti del Diritto, gia' firmata da Benedetto XVI, e che entrera' in vigore il primo gennaio 2009."

Significa che da gennaio possiamo esportare anche a loro un po di pace e democrazia a suon di bombe?
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